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Application of Stretched Bar LCD Screen Applications in Point Of Sale

Applications of Stretched LCD Displays:

Retail environment: Convenience stores, discount stores, tobacco, alcohol and beverages, shopping centers, non-store retail, grocery stores, large retail supermarkets, brand stores, car dealer, cosmetics and beauty stores, etc.

Our commercial LCD bar screen, in the retail environment, we have a variety of customers, we know how to meet their needs. Some of our customers choose to showcase their entire store with our edge-of-shelf displays, while others choose to start with new products that they want to exit.

Digital Signage for Electronic Products - Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Panel

Electronic Products Shelf Screens

By using DNR LCD strips, you can turn your shelves into a revolutionary marketing tool that ensures you capture your customers' attention exactly where they make their buying decisions.

Optical Shop Shelf Screen

Turn your optical shop into a modern retail business that stands out from your competitors. You can edit product prices, video playback, promotions and other information on the APP.

Cosmetic Store Bar Screen

A retail cosmetics store uses DNR's stretchable LCD displays to quickly display price changes and discounts from local product management systems. Influence customer decision directly at the POD.

Grocery Store LCD Digital Signage

Know how shopping malls use our LCD bar screens? Our LCD screens can help grab the attention of passers-by, increase brand awareness and potentially increase foot traffic.

Grocery Shelf Screens

DNR LCD display implements dynamic pricing solution for Hewlett-Packard Electronics retail chain. Customers use their own CMS to get all electronics pricing for laptops, phones, tablets.

Coca-Cola Digital Signage

DNR LCD implements an intelligent dynamic pricing solution for The Coca-Cola Company chain stores. Product prices, video information, and upcoming product recommendations can be played.