36.8inch Stretched Bar LCD Display Model-DXB368

Application: Retail store, Mall shopping, Large supermarket chain, Supermarket shelf head advertising display.

Stretched Bar LCD Display Function: Indoor dynamic advertising and video playback
In-store brand building and establishing brand identity.
Display product price, photo, name
Display advertising and promotions

Stretched LCD Display Feature: Remote control program
interactive screen, Touch: Resistive touch, Infrared touch, PCAP/Capacitive Touch  optical touch optional, Wi-Fi link, Android system

We have IR and PCAP touch screens available for our stretch monitors displays. They are fully customizable in terms of glass size, thickness, number of contact points and more.
It is guaranteed to be able to see clear and wave-free images during the day, and supports 365 days of work in a year, and the working temperature is -20°C to 60°C.
According to customer requirements, our bar screens have built-in media player boards, so they can be installed with their own CMS.

  • This is a way to connect to existing media players, PCs, etc. via HDMI
  • Ultra HD resolution, 1000 brightness
  • Optional PCAP and IP multi-touch

Choose the Stretched LCD Bar Display You Need​​

Stretched Bar LCD With HDMI Input only

Native stretched LCD bar display with HDMI IN port allows connection to PC for external media playback to deliver impactful information. Influence customer decision directly at the POD.

All-in-one Android Stretched LCD Bar Display

Native stretched LCD bar display, can be integrated with built-in Android system media player, can be upgraded to web version without any additional hardware. You can also install third-party digital signage Android apps if needed.

36" Ultra-wide Stretched Displays

Active Area (mm)919.3 * 172.368
Viewing angles89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
Lifespan≥50K hours
OSAndroid 8.1
Config (Ram / Rom)1G/ 8G
InternetEthernet/ WIFI/ BT
InterfacesTF/ USB/ RJ45
Operating voltage100-240V(50/60Hz)
Power consumption<50W
InstallationEmbedded/ Wall-mounted
Net Weight≤5.5KG
Storage temperature-20℃~60℃
Opearating temperature0℃~45℃
CertificateCE\FCC By SGS

Application of Ultra Wide Stretched Bar LCD Screen Applications in Point Of Sale​

In the retail industry, we have all kinds of customers and we know how to meet their needs. Some of our customers choose to have their entire store connected with our shelf edge displays. And other customer choices will want to start with other specific products. Below, we list 3 simple bar screen applications in retail, you can click to read carefully.

Optical Shop Shelf Screen

Turn your optical shop into a modern retail business that stands out from your competitors. You can edit product prices, video playback, promotions and other information on the APP.

Grocery Shelf Screens

DNR LCD display implements dynamic pricing solution for Hewlett-Packard Electronics retail chain. Customers use their own CMS to get all electronics pricing for laptops, phones, tablets.

Electronic Products Shelf Screens

By using DNR LCD strips, you can turn your shelves into a revolutionary marketing tool that ensures you capture your customers' attention exactly where they make their buying decisions.

Why choose Our Stretched LCD Bar Didplay ?​

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3 Years Warranty

All of our stretched lcd bar monitors come with an industry standard 3 years commercial warranty, but if you want an extended warranty this can be upgraded to 5 years at the time of purchase.

Commercial Quality

CE, RoHS, REACH, FCC ID are issued by SGS official agency. This is a global business certification that highlights a commitment to innovation, sustainability and adherence to global business practices.

Project Support

If you need samples for testing, we can send you a device.


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Industry Expertise

What sets us apart from other supplying lcd display manufacturers is that we are an established bar supplier that is dedicated to the retail field industry. Our LCD panels are from INNOLUX, AUO, BOE, LG, SAMSUNG, AUO and other excellent - well-known brand cooperation.

Technical Support

We support you from the moment you receive your product, throughout its warranty period and even after it has expired. If you have any questions when setting up or using the product, we can support you by phone or email.

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If you would like to discuss your requirements or require any additional information on our Ultra Wide Stretched (Cut) Displays, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Sales Team.

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