Digital Signage in Retail

Patiently see how customers use our LCD bar screen. These cases are the applications of our stretched LCD panels in retail environments to meet the needs of different types of customers.

LCD Bar Screen-DNR Digital Signage

The new installation of DNR smart LCD screens and shelf electronic labels in the “Snack Language” convenience store has been completed, adding a touch of beautiful visual color to the active promotion of the “Snack Language” brand building.
The installation series is DNR’s new generation of native bar screens and cutting bar screens, which can present product prices, promotional information, etc. to consumers in an eye-catching way through different color settings, pictures, and video settings.

Accurate Synchronization of Online and offline Information To Meet The Needs Of Multiple Channels

For the store employees who are “snacks speechless”, they only need to use the cloud management system provided by DNR to easily and quickly synchronize the price information between the store and the online platform, which greatly reduces the time and cost of manually replacing paper price tags. energy. Help improve the quality and efficiency of store operations. Even if they are not in front of the computer, employees can also use the smartphone APP terminal to assist in the operation. Ensure the accurate synchronization and update of product information such as price and inventory.

Stretched Bar Lcd Display

  • Product images and video playback
  • Member Discounted Price
  • Support multi-page switching function to realize automatic price switching
  • Ultra-thin design, fits seamlessly on various shelves in convenience stores
  • 700 brightness and 4k resolution, support white, black, yellow, red color configuration
  • Viewing But angle 89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10)

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