Digital Eye-Catchers from DNR Solutions

When you are looking for shelf display LCD screen, please contact DNR LCD display. We are a LCD display supplier in Shenzhen, the smart LCD display we provide is suitable for shelf edge digital signage in retail industry. We have a physical company and factory in Shenzhen, all of which belong to DNR lcd display company.                                                     

Our LCD liquid crystal glass is from regular large manufacturers such as LGSAMSUNGBOEPANDACSOHKCINNOLUX, etc. Through scaling, cutting and stretching display, we provide an overall solution with high competitive price and high cost performance. Edge-of-shelf digital signage solutions for retail applications, and come in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing them to be used in a variety of digital signage projects.

About 1000mm Intelligent Shelf Edge Digital Signage Solution Recommendation

When the digital shelf head of the shelf is 43inches, the models we configure are: DXB431, DXB438, DSB377, DSB385, DSB385-CP, DSB430, DSB438. And The following3 shelf screens are designed with a 37.8inch Bar LCD Screen without touch and a 38inch Shelf Bar Screen with Touch.

About the Application of Stretched LCD Bar Display

Application scenarios: shopping mall / supermarket / flagship store / retail store / pharmacy / restaurant / luxury store / airport / station / bus / metro / smart street light / bank / hospital / POP display / casino / furniture / gym / hotel / exhibition

Grocery Shelf Screens

Deliver an enhanced shopping experience to consumers. Implement price updates in seconds across one or multiple stores.


Watch Shelf Screens

Stretched lcd shelf bar screen + Touch function.                                                                         Turn your watch shop into a modern retail business that stands out from your competitors.  You can arbitrarily switch product prices, product video introductions, brand information, current latest product price information.                                                        Customers can also touch the bar screen to switch product introductions and interact with customers virtually

Electronic Products Shelf Screens

Beverage Retail Shelf Edge Advertising

Shelf edge LCD monitor design for retail store, shelf, LCD high definition strip indoor shelf display advertising video player stretch digital signage.                       Product information will not be dull, and convey information to customers with vivid images.