29inch Ultra-Wide Stretched Diagital Signage Displays

Application: Retail store, Mall shopping, Large supermarket chain, Supermarket shelf head advertising display.

Stretched Bar LCD Display Function: Indoor dynamic advertising and video playback
In-store brand building and establishing brand identity.
Display product price, photo, name
Display advertising and promotions

Stretched LCD Display Feature: Remote control program
interactive screen, Touch: Resistive touch, Infrared touch, PCAP/Capacitive Touch  optical touch optional, Wi-Fi link, Android system

29inch Original Stretched Bar LCD Screen Touch Android Digital Signage Bar Advertising ​

Benefits Of Bar Type Ultra-Wide Stretched (Cut) Displays

1. Digital Signage Labels for Retail Pricing

DNR DISPLAY’s innovative digital signage software suite transforms the way pricing labels are created and displayed. Users are empowered to craft their labels effortlessly, whether they prefer simple text-on-image formats or more dynamic motion graphic displays. With the DNR DISPLAY online design studio, the freedom to design is at your fingertips, featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a plethora of design widgets.

  • Experience the freedom of design with limitless layout options and multi-zone customization
  • Engage customers with targeted advertising using facial recognition technology
  • Seamlessly integrate RFID and barcode scanning for a comprehensive retail solution

2. eShelf Retail Digital Signage

Discover the cutting-edge eShelf Retail Digital Signage, a compact and efficient advertising tool at just 4cm in height and 29inches across. Tailor-made for the retail sector, these digital signs can be effortlessly affixed to the edge of store shelves. Constructed for perpetual use, the eShelf features an all-in-one design with a pre-installed Android media player, which simplifies setup by removing the need for extra peripherals.
29inch stretched lcd

Android Media Player

Daisy Chain Playback Display

HDMI & VGA Connect Devices

3 Years Warranty

1080P up-to 4K

12V DC – 24V DC

Optional PCAP & IR Multi Touch Screens

New customers can use the CMS backend for free for one year

Choose the Stretched LCD Bar Display You Need

Stretched Bar LCD With HDMI Input only

Native stretched LCD Bar Display with HDMI IN port allows connection to PC for external media playback to deliver impactful information. Influence customer decision directly at the POD.

All-in-one Android Stretched Bar LCD Display​

Native Stretched Bar LCD Display, can be integrated with built-in Android system media player, can be upgraded to web version without any additional hardware. You can also install third-party digital signage Android apps if needed.

29inch Ultra-wide Stretched Digital Signage LCD Display Specifications

Ideal for banner end cap Advertising Displays in Retail Stores & Supermarkets

Bar-shaped ultra-wide stretched (cut) displays have a wide range of application scenarios. Restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets. It can be used in various places such as pop-up booths, exhibitions, and public transportation.You can use stretched lcd display in restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets. Can be used in pop-up booths, exhibitions, public transportation and other places.

Smart Shelf Display: Stretch LCD Display and Digital Shelf Strips

Ultra Stretch Digital Signage For Supermarket

Ultra-wide Stretched Bar Displays For Retail

29inch Stretched LCD Display Specifications