Shop Mall Shelf Screen

By using DNR LCD strips, you can turn your shelves into a revolutionary marketing tool that ensures you capture your customers’ attention exactly where they make their buying decisions.

Chanel A New Dimension of Shopping Experience

International brand clothing stores need to use various LCD screens to create a technology-driven storefront for the storefront, which is visually stunning.
Recognizing an opportunity to be truly innovative and ground-breaking, Chanel chose DNR LCD panels to provide greater visibility across all merchandise in the store. DNR provided multiple LED screens throughout the store space, all running on the client’s own CMS system. The combination of these digital solutions can not only meet Chanel’s needs now, but also be flexible enough to grow with the fashion brand.

The functions of the bar screen include:

  • Brand information traceability
  • Pictures and videos play new product launch conference
  • Latest price display

Digital Signage

Digital signage is shaping new communication in any corporate space or point of sale. Well-managed screens have the power to generate reactions in customers and awaken their senses.Brands can now be more connected to consumers. And engage them at the physical point of sale through dynamic messages, whether they are more artistic or operational.

If you are interested in signage solutions tailored to your business, we are happy to advise you on the right screens and software for your areas of application. Thanks to years of experience in signage, both digital and analog, we are confident to find the best hardware and software options for you. Feel free to message us with your questions or inquiries regarding digital signage solutions.

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