Stretched LCD Display Bar Screen

DNR can provide stretched LCD panels in different sizes such as 23 inches, 23.1 inches, 35 inches, 37.8 inches, 46.6 inches, 47.1 inches, 58 inches, 86 inches, 88 inches,  etc. These sizes are perfect for any type of Point Of Sale.

About Stretched LCD Displays

Stretched bar LCD display is a commercial display product with ultra-wide LCD screen. In order to meet the needs of different customers, it has various display ratios of length and style.
DNR shelf displays use LCD panels from LG, SAMSUNG, BOE, PANDN, Innolux, and CSOT, and provide a cost-effective and highly competitive overall solution by cutting and zooming the display. Edge of shelf display digital signage solutions for the retail sector, available in multiple sizes, configurations and functions, designed to be used in various digital signage projects


About 600mm Width Shelf Edge Digital Signage Marketing Solution

  1. When the Digital Shelf LCD Bar Screen is 24inches,, our configuration models are: DXB240, DSB240, DSB245, DSB280, DSB286, DXB280, DCB290-IT.
    The following 3 shelf screens used 23inch In-cell Touch and 23inch non-touch Shelf Bar Screens

600mm Wide Digital Shelving Solution 2:

2. The top of the digital shelf uses a 28inch Ultra-wide Stretch Display, while the lower part of the digital shelf can use a 23inch ultra-thin LCD Screens Display with in-cell touch.

About the Application of Stretched LCD Bar Display

The retail digital goods lcd shelf display is a very popular and attractive smart lcd liquid crystal display, which is very suitable for the application of digital signage on shelves in various types of retail stores. For example, retail shelf edge pricing, liquor stores, brand stores, luxury stores, retail shelf edge advertising, retail supermarkets and other applications. Such smart lcd shelf edge displays are end-to-end digital retail edge display solutions ideal for retail PSO applications. Turn your shelves into a revolutionary marketing tool by using DNR LCD Liquid Crystal Bars, changing color information or videos in the best quality will provide an extra impulse to buy directly on the product.

Coca-Cola Ultrawide Stretched Digital Signage Dynamic Pricing

Ultra-clear LCD bar display price, brand information, and related product introductions. More detailed pictures, coupled with immersive and strong sound effects, can bring customers an immersive feeling, thanks to the intelligent technology of the DNR Ultra-Wide Stretched Digital LCD Screens and Smart Digital Shelf Display.

Coca-Cola Digital Signage - Ultra-wide Stretched LCD Bar Screen Digital Signage Solution from DNR

Retail Shelf Edge Advertising

By using DNR Display,prices, moving images and general in-store items can be flexibly adjusted through the shelf edge display.                                                                                  The lcd bar display screen belongs to the category of the first brand of commercial interactive display. You can use the LCD bar screen advertising machine to quickly, accurately and beautifully publish on the terminal display device to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.

Cosmetics Retail Shelf Screens

Smart lcd display product information through screens and lights, changing color information or videos in the best quality will provide additional buying impulse directly on the product.