Design the Right LCD Screens Display For Your Application

DNR LCD Display provides customized digital display lcd display solutions, a one-stop solution from conceptual development of display products to production-ready products. Bring your innovative custom digital display solutions to market.

About 900mm Wide Digital Shelf Edge Advertising Display Complete Solution

  1. When the top is 36inches, the model we configure has: DXB360,  DXB368, DXB370,  DXB376,  DSB360.  
  2. The following 3 types of lcd bar screens adopt 35inch non-touch Bar Screen LCD and 35inch Touch LCD Bar Screen

About the Application of Stretched LCD Bar Display

The retail digital merchandise lcd shelf display is a very popular and attractive smart lcd display that is ideal for digital signage applications on shelves in various retail stores.
For example, retail shelf edge pricing, liquor stores, brand stores, luxury stores, retail shelf edge advertising, retail supermarkets and other applications. These smart LCD shelf edge displays are end-to-end digital retail edge display solutions ideal for retail PSO applications.
Turn your shelves into a revolutionary marketing tool with DNR LCD Liquid Crystal Bars, changing color information or video in the best quality will provide an extra impulse to buy the product directly.

Optical Shop Shelf Screen-Digital Signage Solutions

3D display of optical shop interior by lcd strip screen supplier DNR,                               Use the modern 4K ultra-high-definition dynamic LCD smart shelf display to flexibly adjust the dynamic image and general in-store merchandise display through the shelf edge display.

Coca-Cola Shelf Edge Pricing Digital Signage

  • Our Ultra-wide Stretched LCD Bar Screens are used for digital signage checkout information in Coca-Cola retail stores. Our ultra-wide stretched LCD displays are touch-enabled so customers can operate their own checkout information.
  • Our Long LCD Screens Displays are used in the two shelves below to present brand promotion, product names, prices, etc. in front of customers in a dynamic form.

Cosmetic Store Bar Screen

3D Cosmetics Store Bar Screen Design Scheme, Cosmetics Store Display Products. Experience the “new retail” paradigm and see how customers interact with products during their shopping journey.