1. Electronic Product Shelf Labels - Retail IoT Solution Design Whirlpool Electronic Products Shelf Screens

Whirlpool Electronic Products Shelf Screens

Whirlpool uses our LCD monitors to display merchandise throughout the store. Improve quality and time management with automatic price display and digitization. Our LCD monitors make Whirlpool stores digital assets

2. The LCD display function of DNR LCD Display covers:

  •  Display different prices for electronics items throughout the store
  •  The latest electronic product promotion information
  •  Latest price and discount information
  •  Related electronic product introduction
  •  Whirlpool brand development history

Content used to attract customers:

  • Promote Whirlpool electronic products and publicize brand information
  •  Whirlpool provides customers with high-quality after-sales service

How Much Does Stretched LCD Display Cost?

DNR LCD Display provides digital signage solutions. The cost depends on the number of bar screens you need, the resolution of the bar screens, etc.                                                     Our company currently sells a variety of LCD bar screens. If you have any purchase intention or have any questions about our products and our company, please leave a message below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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