Digital Eye-Catchers from DNR Solutions

Our LCD liquid crystal glass is from regular large manufacturers such as LG, SAMSUNG, BOE, PANDA, CSO, HKC, INNOLUX, etc. Through scaling, cutting and stretching display, we provide an overall solution with high competitive price and high cost performance. Edge-of-shelf digital signage solutions for retail applications, and come in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing them to be used in a variety of digital signage projects.

About the 1200mm Shelf Strip Screen Solution

  • When the top of the bar screen is 48inches, our matching models are: DXB476, DXB480, DSB480, DSB495, DSB495-CP.
  • The following 3 shelf screens can be configured in sizes of 46.6inches, 47inches, and two 23inches.
1200mm wide shelf digital shelf edge solutions

Create a Vibrant In-Store Experience Using Digital Signage

Why are many retail stores using smart shelf screens? In today’s fast information age, retail stores are vying for customers’ attention, but through digitalization, brands have the potential to increase awareness. Allow your customers to create a real connection with your brand with DNR’s digital signage solutions. Digital signage allows for updates at any time and works as a network of screens that can be updated remotely, so every branch of your store is up to date.

Watch Shop Retail Shelf Edge Advertising

  • DNR shelf LCD screen is based on Android technology. This watch shop creates a high level of attention and facilitates customers’ purchasing decisions directly at eye level.
  • *Influence customer decision directly at the POD.
Electronic Products Shelf Screens

Coca-Cola digital signage pricing

  • Our Ultra-wide Stretched LCD Bar Screens are used for digital signage checkout information in Coca-Cola retail stores. Our ultra-wide stretched LCD displays are touch-enabled so customers can operate their own checkout information.
  •  Our Long LCD Screens Displays are used in the two shelves below to present brand promotion, product names, prices, etc. in front of customers in a dynamic form.

Retail Shelf Screens

  • Learn how Electronics deployed retail shelf screen digital signage to attract customers, promote new products and highlight specials and promotions.