Cosmetic Store Digital Signage Bar Screen

Nivea Electronic Shelf Edge Display is a digital signage solution for businesses looking to communicate their message in a more dynamic and engaging way while improving the customer experience.
Fully integrated and user-friendly, our cloud-based system allows you to quickly organize your brand’s visual identity.  Save time and hassle-free with a CMS to design, schedule and manage your digital presence

LCD bar display features covered

  • Brand and latest product price information display
  • Image and video ads
  • Bar screen touch function design

How does the DNR LCD Display solution work?

DNR shelf displays are controlled and managed by CMS. Retailers can use their own planogram software integrated with DNR planogram. In the planogram design, every change of product position on the shelf will be immediately reflected on the shelf LCD screen.

The DNR shelf is fully integrated with the display, so the product labels on the store’s real shelf will be in the order they were set on the planogram software

Precision marketing

  • Use DNR LCD DISPLAY smart liquid crystal display, install appropriate size LCD bar screens through shelves, entrances, etc.,
  • To enhance the impact of customer visual effects, realize omni-channel business scene delivery,
  • Increase store brand exposure, influence, and advertising coverage

We have a range of Stretched LCD Displays for use in retail environments.   Please leave your information below and we will send you the details as soon as possible.

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