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Digital Transformation: DNR LCD Display Digital Signage Stands Out

Grocery Shelf Screens-Dynamic Digital Pricing

The gourmet grocery store has undergone digital transformation, using DNR’s shelf digital signage to replace traditional paper price tags, achieving the dual advantages of improving operational efficiency and improving consumer experience. 

Instant update​

DNR digital signage through the process known as single-sided, double-sided electronic shelf labels, is part of a comprehensive cloud-based electronic shelf label system. With the support of the software management system, the electronic shelf label has a real-time information update function, which can easily realize one-step price change, and effectively solve the laborious and time-consuming manual replacement of paper labels.  DNR Stretched lcd display series supports material display in video format. Dynamic product pictures and promotional information can better attract consumers’ attention, enhance product popularity and attractiveness, and thus promote sales.


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5. 3-year warranty for LCD screen, old customers can extend the warranty time for 5 years

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