Coca-Cola Dynamic Pricing

Citing DNR’s digital signage to implement dynamic pricing and save manual operation time

Coca-Cola Dynamic Pricing

Coca-Cola adopts the overall solution of DNR digital signage cloud electronic price tag, and continuously explores the integrated development of online and offline under the premise of stable and rapid realization of cross-regional operation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      DNR LCD series native strip and cutout screens are specially designed for retail environments. Traditional paper price tags can only display product names and prices, while electronic price tags using liquid crystals can achieve richer information transmission, such as prices, recipe information, product traceability, etc. In addition, digital signage can support the free combination of text, pictures, videos and other forms to be presented in front of consumers, enabling consumers to understand products more intuitively and bring a safe and satisfactory shopping experience.

The functions of the bar screen include:

  • Brand display
  • commodity price
  • related product recommendation
  • Image, video, pdf, product traceability information presentation
  • Touch functionality designed for checkout

Digital Signage

Digital signage is shaping new communication in any corporate space or point of sale. Well-managed screens have the power to generate reactions in customers and awaken their senses.Brands can now be more connected to consumers. And engage them at the physical point of sale through dynamic messages, whether they are more artistic or operational.

If you are interested in signage solutions tailored to your business, we are happy to advise you on the right screens and software for your areas of application. Thanks to years of experience in signage, both digital and analog, we are confident to find the best hardware and software options for you. Feel free to message us with your questions or inquiries regarding digital signage solutions.

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