Retail Commercial

Display exhibit information, photos, QR codes, prices, product names through digital displays for advertising and promotional services.

Mall Shopping

Promote brands in-store through interactive digital advertising screens, build brand image and enhance customer shopping experience

Point of Sale

Digital Price Shelf Edge Digital Signage pricing label for 600mm 900mm 1000mm 1200mm width

Smart Shelf Edge Digital Signage Solution Recommendations​

The smart shelf edge digital signage solutions provided by DNR Factory include 600mm wide digital shelf display, 900mm wide digital shelf display, 1000mm wide digital shelf display, 1200mm wide digital shelf display, which have been widely used in retail commercial digital displays.

600mm Width Digital Shelf Display

When multiple displays are used on a retail shelf with a width of 600mm, a 28inch Bar-type Stretched LCD Screen display can be used for the shelf head display, and a 23inch LCD Digital Display can be purchased under the shelf head.

900mm Width Digital Shelf Display

For example, if your shelf is 900mm wide, you can purchase a 37.6inch Digital Signage Display and install it on the shelf head. You can purchase 35inch Digital Shelf Strips under the shelf head to decorate your shelf.

1000mm Width Digital Shelf Display

If you are currently planning to build your store as a digital store, then you can purchase our 43inch Ultra Stretch Signage Display and install it on the shelf head. Use a 37.8inch Shelf -edge LCD Display below the shelf head to create a perfect digital display. Price displays appear in your store.

1200mm Width Digital Shelf Display

A 46.7inch Ultra-wide Stretched Digital Signage Display is used on the shelf head, and a slim 47inch LCD Screen Display is used below the shelf head. This solution is suitable for smart shelf displays with a width of 1200mm.

Edge of Shelf Digital Marketing Solutions​

LCD Digital Shelf Edge Display with Video Wall


China LCD Display Import and Export Manufacturers-DNR Display


The DNR Factory purchases modules from well-known manufacturers such as BOE, Samsung, and AUO, and we then finish processing them into complete LCD shelf screens and bar screens.

Quality Assurance

All Digital Shelf Screens and Ultra Stretch Signage exported by DNR factory have Quality Certificates Issued by the official SGS Organization.

Customized solution

DNR DISPLAY provides a one-stop solution in display size, resolution, ruggedness and -20°C to suit your application.

Touch Sensor

The screens produced by DNR include Capacitive/PCAP touch, Resistive touch, and Infrared touch to adapt to different customer needs.

Retail Digital Signage Case Display

Brand Cooperation Cases